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Mayekawa MYCOM was founded in 1924 and now has 10 plants located around the world producing industrial refrigeration and other equipment and has representative offices in 43 different countries.

Today, “Mayekawa MYCOM” is one of the world leaders in the production of the most advanced and reliable industrial refrigeration equipment.

In September 2016, “Mayekawa MYCOM” company on the basis of “ALFA Contracting Ukraine” opened a representative office in Ukraine, which became a 100% share of “Mayekawa MYCOM” company. Later, at the beginning of 2018, “ALFA Contracting Ukraine” became a subsidiary office of “Mayekawa MYCOM” and change to “Mayekawa Ukraine” LLC.

During the period of operation, which is a considerable period of time, starting from 2003, more than 70 000 kW of refrigeration capacity based on Mayekawa MYCOM compressors was delivered, installed and put into operation at various facilities, while the company “ALFA Contracting Ukraine”, and later “Mayekawa Ukraine” worked in the field of industrial refrigeration, acting as a general contractor in the fields of refrigeration for meat and dairy enterprises, food production and storage, construction of sports facilities, as well as chemical and petrochemical technologies.

Today “Mayekawa Ukraine” LLC offers its services in the calculation, selection and supply of refrigeration equipment, both manufactured by the Mayekawa MYCOM company (compressor units, chillers, freezers, technological works, etc.), and equipment of partner companies – leading manufacturers of refrigeration and heat exchange equipment BALTIMORE, DANFOSS, Hermetic, AWP, Thermofin, Kelvion, etc. up to complex deliveries of equipment.